dazzle-carProductsQuick Detailers & Spray WaxesRelease 500ml spray wax
Release 500ml spray wax

Release 500ml spray wax


Release is designed primarily for busy detailing studios and impatient detailers, who want to avoid the pains of ceramic coating drying times. Every coating requires a period of time, when water contact, bugs, and bird bombs have to be avoided. CARPRO Release mitigates that by protecting the coating, allowing freshly coated cars to fully dry without the wait.


◉ High gloss detail spray.

◉Hyper slick.

◉Fast & easy.

◉Works great on both coated and un-coated vehicles.

◉Mitigates the effects of moisture and bugs.

◉Temporary protection for fresh ceramic coatings.

How to use:

1.Shake well.

2.Spray Release over the surface.

3.Spread evenly with a MF towel.

4.Use a 2nd MF towel to give it a final buff.

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