dazzle-carProductsQuick Detailers & Spray WaxesMenzerna Endless Shine 500ml
Menzerna Endless Shine 500ml

Menzerna Endless Shine 500ml


Detailing spray

Menzerna Endless Shine Quick Detailing Spray is the easiest way to restore your car,

to its former gloss and shine. 

Produces a brilliant gloss, removes minor dirt and water spots, and applies a protective film.

Wellness program for all smooth surfaces like clear coat, glass, plastic or metal. 

It is suitable for use on all surfaces such as windows, tyres and coatings. 

Leaves no traces behind on plastic.

Applies a protective film to the coating with a beautiful, deep gloss – including premium beading effect.


  • Protection and gloss refreshment
  • Extended durability of the sealant
  • Perfect water beading 
  • Leaves no traces on plastic
  • Versatile in application: After washing, after polishing
  • Antistatic effect
  • Without the addition of waxes and fillers

Polishing tool: Microfiber cloth

Processing: by hand

Volumes: 500ml

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