Citrus Bling 5l

Citrus Bling 5l


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Valet Pro Citrus Bling is an unusually versatile product.
  • Fast Wax (protects for 1 month) 
  • Drying Aid (dilute 1:3 parts water) 
  • Quick detailer (dilutes 1:3 upto 1:10) 
  • Glass Cleaner 
  • Clay lube (dilutes 1:16) 
  • Paint clenanse and gloss enhancer
1. Fast wax – as a fast wax the product is either used neat or diluted 1:1. It is a simple process of spray and wipe. It delivers an exceptional shine with very little effort and will last about 3 weeks. A car can be citrus blinged (citrus bling does not contain wax) in a matter of minutes delivering a just waxed look on new and good quality paint work.
2. Drying aid – A quick spray on a panel and then wipe with a drying towel – citrus bling speeds up the drying process but also adds gloss to the paint work. Giving an impressive finish to a wash.
3. Quick detailer – has been used in showrooms to quickly remove dust and add extra gloss to the showroom cars quickly and easily. Citrus bling needs to be diluted 1:3 and up to 1:8 giving exceptional value for the quick detailers. Used regularly citrus bling as a quick detailer helps reduce dust and dirt build up on your car.
4. Glass cleaner – this is either a love or hate purpose for citrus bling. Some customers believe it”s the best glass cleaner on the market while others don”t. I think this is all down to personal method of glass cleaning. In truth it”s an optional use but not for everyone.
5. Clay lube – this is one area where citrus bling excels. Truly exceptional value. One of the most important jobs for a clay lube is to create a barrier thick enough to protect the paint work but thin enough to allow the grime and contaminate to be picked up by the clay. Citrus bling does this exceptionally well but will also add gloss to the paint work while using it. This also helps to add shine in the long run when a wax is applied.
6. Paint cleanse and gloss enhancer – Valet ProCitrus bling contains orange peel derivatives that help clean the paint surface when used neat. This process removes tar, tree sap and other contaminates. It can be used with a duel action polisher, panel by panel, making sure you wipe up with a good quality micro fibre. This process gives the paint work extra gloss prior to wax application. If you”re looking for a paint clenz with no abrasives then look no further. Citrus bling will knock your socks off.

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