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Interface adhesion promoter 400ml

Interface adhesion promoter 400ml


Quick Guide

  • Aerosol applied adhesion promoter for auto plastics
  • Quick and easy to use 15 mins cure time 
  • Handy 400ml aerosol 
  • Promotes adhesion of all top coat and primer coats

Interface provides a chemically active bonding layer for difficult polymer substrates.

Standard automotive paint systems will not adequately adhere to plastics or polymer materials commonly used in modern automotive construction, and while at first the coating appears to be adequately bonded, the plasticisers used in the polymers will cause adhesion loss and coating failure.

Interface produces outstanding results and with a 15 minute cure time, rapid work speed can be achieved.

How To Use

  • Always test coating compatibility before use 
  • Remove old coating and finishes 
  • Degrease thoroughly 
  • Shake can well 
  • Spray from 15 to 25 cm from work piece

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