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Black to the Future 250ml

Black to the Future 250ml

  • Κωδικός: DR14-250
  • Κατασκευαστής: VALET PRO
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  • Revives and restores ageing trim
  • Gives trim a natural sheen, not high gloss 
  • Provides protective waterproof barrier
  • Can be used on any colour and multiple types of trim
  • Will not damage paintwork – simply buffs off
  • Also excellent for vinyl roof hoods
  • Leaves a Hyper Beading Finish
Valet Pro Black to the Future turns back time on old and faded plastics, offering a deep, black, lustrous “as new” finish to trim and tyres.
It also prevents new plastics from fading. You”ll find this product easy to apply thanks to its gel formulation. 
How to use:
Apply using a soft foam applicator pad. Spread evenly and allow to cure. On plastics leave for 5 to 10 minutes then buff thoroughly to remove any residue that hasn”t been absorbed by the plastic. Repeat applications as often as required.


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