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Power Protect Ultra 250ml

Power Protect Ultra 250ml

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  • Κατασκευαστής: MENZERNA
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Menzerna Power Protect Ultra – 2 in 1 sealing wax

The Facts:
  • Removes micro scratches and seals in one step
  • 100% silicone free – guaranteed!
  • Free of volatile solvents (VOC-free)
  • No residues on rubber and plastic parts
  • Economical usage, easy control
  • Application by machine and by hand
  • Nice water-repellent effect
Menzerna Power Protect Ultra Menzerna Power Protect Ultra is a combination of a guaranteed silicon free sealing and a high gloss finish product. High quality polishing minerals generate surfaces with excellent gloss properties and high protection against environmental impact.
Menzerna Power Protect Ultra offers a protective film with outstanding sliding properties for an excellent contamination protection.

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