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Tornador Black Edition  Z-020S

Tornador Black Edition Z-020S

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Tornador BLACK Z-020S

Pulse Cleaning Gun

? ergonomic, freeze-protection and less vibrations

? designed for continuous professional use

? even more wearless and low-maintenance

? optimized air consumption 

? suitable for 2.2 kW-240V piston compressors

? also for overhead work

Professional pulse cleaning gun for cars, trucks, buses, taxis and trucks, but also for industry, building cleaning, aviation and shipping. 

Tornador BLACK Z-020S with new ergonomics and performance, excellent haptics, freezeprotection and low vibration handles.

The rotation-set is equipped with sealed ball bearings which enables the Tornador BLACK to work with small or mobile compressors.

Because the full performance potential is already available at 4.5bar. Wear out is minimized, because the rotate set does not get in contact with the outlet cone.

With the Tornador BLACK Z-020S, you can achieve excellent deep pore-cleaning already at a working pressure of approx. 4.5bar.

Even a small mobile 240V – 2,2kW piston compressor with a free air delivery (FAD) of 270l/min. fits for a perfect operation.

That’s the reason, why the Tornador Black Z-020S is not only ideally for stationary, but also for mobile cleaning. 

The reliable rotation-set technology does not only save time but it also reduces noise emission and vibration level.

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