So2Pure 50ml

So2Pure 50ml


So2Pure 50 ml
So2Pure is a nano-scale TiO2 based photocatalytic automotive interior coating, which represents a huge leap forward in air purification technology. When exposed to light, So2Pure treated surfaces actively destroy even the toughest of odors and pollutants, leaving behind nothing but clean, fresh air. Those sensitive to allergens, traffic fumes, and other harsh odors will immediately appreciate the nasal serenity that So2Pure brings to vehicle interiors.
Air Purifying Coating
Kills Microbes, Bacteria, Mold, Mildew, Nicotine, Pet, Child And Chemical Odors On Contact.
  • Clean all surfaces well prior to applying So2pure.
  • Apply it to any surface within your car interior, such as the headliner, seats, dashboard, door panels & even your glass.
  • Spray So2Pure as directed on clean surfaces
  • Wipe in with Microfiber towel
  • Allow to dry

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