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Microfiber Cutting Pad 3-1/4 Diam (no center hole)

Microfiber Cutting Pad 3-1/4 Diam (no center hole)

  • Κωδικός: MF-325CUT
  • Κατασκευαστής: LAKE COUNTRY
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Microfiber Cutting Pad

The new microfiber cutting pad uses a unique material,
to provide industry leading cutting capabilities, while also finishing at the same time.
Microfiber fibers mat down less quickly which results in reduced pad temperatures.
Foam interface design offers superior durability and performance on dual action orbital polishers.
Foam interface offers a perfect thickness for balanced and smooth operation. Consistent results
in high temperature environments as well.


Diameter was designed to have minimal overhang for precision polishing and even pressure,

while providing a “buffer” or cushion to protect the backing plate from contacting the vehicle.

11mm thickness offers a thin profile, providing increased durability and perfect rotation on contoured


Suggested Usages:

2 Step System

1. Cutting pad with compound

2. Polishing pad with polish

1 Step Polish on Hard Paints

Cutting pad combined with your choice of polish

1 Step Polish on Average and

Softer Paints

Polishing pad with your choice of polish

Available sizes

1.5” Cutting MF-150 CUT

2.25” Cutting MF-225 CUT

3.25” Cutting MF-325 CUT

3.25” Polishing MF-325 POL

5.25” Cutting MF-525 CUT

5.25” Polishing MF-525 POL

6.25” Cutting MF-625 CUT

6.25” Polishing MF-625 POL

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