Menzerna SF4000 250ml

Menzerna SF4000 250ml

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  • Κατασκευαστής: MENZERNA
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Menzerna Super Finish 4000
  • Deep mirror finish without holograms and micro scratches
  • Low dust and minimal work space pollution
  • Suitable for all coatings
  • 4/10 Cut
  • 10/10 Gloss
Menzerna Super Finish  is a light cutting compound designed to remove light to moderate paint defects. It is perfect for light correction work on modern ceramic nano-particle and scratch-resistant clearcoats, and produces great results on harder conventional paint finishes too. It works by using robust, precision-milled abrasives to cut away a very thin layer of paint. Long lasting lubricants maximise its working time, while its filler-free formula ensures that defect removal is permanent rather than temporary.

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