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DquartzGO 50ml coating

DquartzGO 50ml coating

  • Κωδικός: DQGO
  • Κατασκευαστής: CARPRO
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•Increase surface hardness by up to 5 points

•Extreme abrasion resistance

•Works on metals

•Highly hydrophobic

•UV & Chemical resistance

Car paints are getting increasingly softer and we have finally developed a technology to combat it. DQUARTZ is the first ever ceramic coating, which utilises Functionalised Detonation Nano Diamond Powder to increase surface pencil hardness by up to 5 points!This incredible new technology is enabled by the carefully controlled size and spherical shape of our nano diamond particles in combination with their activated surface structures. This allows the diamonds to electrostatically bind to the other ingredients of the coating, as well as the surface itself. In essence, DQUARTZ isn’t just a regular ceramic coating with a cool additive known for hardness. Diamonds are an integral part of the DQUARTZ nanostructure.

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