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Clarify phobic glass cleaner 500ml

Clarify phobic glass cleaner 500ml


•Streak-free glass cleaner

•Leaves a highly hydrophobic layer

•Improves driver visibility

•Reduces wiper chatter

Instantly hydrophobic streak-free glass cleaner.

Now you can maintain your glass with the same cleaning power and streak-free finish as the original Clarify formula while adding slickness and repellency in one easy step to instantly increase driver visibility in bad weather and reduce wiper chatter.Use it after your regular wash or on the go when you just need to clean and top up the repellency of the glass quickly.Clarify PHOBIC can be used on previously coated glass to top up its performance and also on non-coated glass during regular maintenance to keep driver visibility at its best.

How to use:

1.Clarify PHOBIC can be applied to wet or dry glass.

2.Shake well.

3.Spray 2-3 times (1 time on coated glass) on a 20 x 20cm section of glass.

4.Spread evenly with a short pile MF cloth.

5.Flip the MF and wipe until you get a streak free finish.

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