dazzle-carProductsPolishes CompoundsPolishing PadsBlue Foam Cutting Heavy Duty Orbital Pad 5-1/2X1 inch (with center hole)
Blue Foam Cutting Heavy Duty Orbital Pad 5-1/2X1 inch  (with center hole)

Blue Foam Cutting Heavy Duty Orbital Pad 5-1/2X1 inch (with center hole)

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HDO Orbital Pads

Unique foam pads designed for long-stroke dual action polishers

Lake Country HDO Foam Pads are specially designed foam pads that were developed for long-stroke dual action polishers.

With the increasing popularity of long-stroke (also referred to as large throw) dual action polishers, 

the market demanded a line of foam pads designed specifically for these types of machines. 

After months of strenuous research and development, Lake Country is proud to introduce the HDO Foam Pads.

Constructed to Handle the Vigors of Long Stroke Polishers

  • Full Line: A complete line for all your buffing needs from heavy cutting to waxing.
  • Reduced Diameter & Slim Profile: Provides an evenly distributed point of contact for ultimate balance
  • and control.
  • Improved Interface Material: Provides stability on flat panels, while adjusting to the contours of curved
  • panels.
  • Less Foam Movement: Minimizes haze and micro marring.

Construction Features:

  • Multi Density: Multi-density, layered foam design construction provides a smooth bold feel while maintaining
  • the integrity of the foam for optimum surface contact.
  • Engineered Bevel & Integrated Interface: The combination of the bevel and interface keeps the
  • Adhesion line away from the working surface for safe use in tight areas

Cooling features:

  • Breathable Interface & Cooling Chamber: Prevents the center of the pad from concaving by allowing unwanted heat to escape during pad
  • rotation.
  • Cool Running: HDO-PADS run 10% cooler on long stroke polishers than comparable pads
  • maximizing pad life and pad durability.

HDO Blue foam heavy cutting pad 

Great for medium to light compounding as well as heavy polishing. 

This exclusive new foam has a firm to medium density and a fine cell structure providing superior cutting ability as well as fantastic finishing capabilities. 

The strong durability of this pad enables it to stay firm and balanced even with prolonged use.

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